Onward to Inverness

My first semester of Physiotherapy School is officially over. Thank. God.

This weekend, I’m headed to Inverness for six weeks of placement. I’ll be back in Aberdeen for a couple weekends to move things from my current room in student halls to an as yet unfound new flat, but am planning to embrace the highlands as much as I can.

Fun fact about Inverness: Inverness residents are entitled to a free set of bagpipes on their 10th birthday on account of a bylaw dating back to the 1750s.

As soon as exams were over last week I began reading Outlander (Diana Gabaldon) at the recommendation of friends and family back home. Apparently, Outlander is what has American women convinced that Scotland is full of attractive, red-headed, burly men in kilts. While a good portion of the story is historically accurate, I fear that the idea that Scotland is full of hot, Scottish men, is not quite on pointe. Who knows, though? It would be hard for Inverness to have fewer attractive Scottish men than Aberdeen. In either case, the story is most definitely “literary crack” and I can’t stop reading it.

Cheers to Inverness and a new experiences!


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