Closing Time: 6 pm

I have arrived in Inverness!

This week marks my first venture into the actual world of being a physiotherapist and I couldn’t be happier about it. Although this first week was spent getting acclimated, I’ve still been more involved than I was at the clinics back home and next week I start getting my very own patients!

On another note, I have had a small amount of time this week to explore a bit of Inverness, but I haven’t even scratched the surface. On Friday, a classmate and I headed into town to search out some additional base layers as it is a bit colder and wetter in Inverness than Aberdeen. Much to our dismay, we didn’t make it into town until 6:01 pm and the stores closed at 6:00 sharp. Absurdity! I was completely baffled by this phenomenon and couldn’t manage to let it go all night. However, we did find the Highland House of Fraser (which I couldn’t have been more excited about having recently gotten into Outlander) which sold a variety of souvenirs, kilts and woolens. While I only bought a few postcards this time around, I found an adorable metal wine bottle holder that was sculpted to be a bagpiper that I plan to purchase before leaving Inverness. You can place a safe bet that when I’m a grown-up with my own place, it will be on display and in a position of honor in the kitchen. Dinner followed “shopping” and then we ventured into Hootananny for a few drinks and were delighted to experience some live Scottish music and traditional Ceilidh dancing. Despite some very persuasive arguments from a elderly Scottish gentleman, we managed to avoid the dance floor ourselves and had the chance to enjoy the atmosphere and scope out some college tourists from Pennsylvania and give them a hard time for sticking out like a sore thumb in the pub. Or, in this case, like an Irish person in a room full of Scots.

Despite some odd customs in Inverness, I have already decided it’s a much cooler place than Aberdeen. It’s going to be a bit of a bummer to have to venture back at the beginning of July. However, I’m back in Aberdeen for the night so that I can gather some extra layers and pack some things up, but it’s back to Inverness tomorrow for another exciting week of placement.


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