Bite the Bullet

It’s the time of year for festivals here in the UK and all around the globe and this past weekend I had the opportunity to experience RockNess.

Despite the many reasons I came up with last week to avoid the festival (money, mud, and music), I was convinced by some friends from school, along with one of my girlfriends who is also on placement in Inverness, to tag along on Saturday evening for a night of debauchery. Well, for the record, us girls were relatively well behaved. But that’s just for the record.

Like many festivals, there is a great deal of drinking and dancing. I quickly found that once I had my wee dram of whisky to start out the night, I was warm and fuzzy inside and just happy to be among friends. I was glad I caved to the peer pressure of joining along and bit the bullet and bought a ticket… and a souvenir hoodie. I mean, who doesn’t love the feel of a new sweatshirt?

RockNess is an annual festival here in Scotland that is on the smaller side when compared to T in the Park or Glastonbury, but has still been recognized as one of the best festival experiences in Scotland and the UK. This year’s headliners included Kasabian (Friday), The Chemical Brothers (Saturday) and Paolo Nutini (Sunday). I was proud to dance and jump around like a fool to The Chemical Brothers on Saturday night before whining for bed around 2 am. While most of the festival goers camp in tents near the festival site, I knew I was a cheap enough cab ride away from my bed at Raigmore, so I rode home to the comforts of electric heating, my duvet and blanket, and indoor plumbing.

I’m not sure if I will attend many more festivals during my time in Scotland. The rain and mud are not my favorite part of the summers by any means. However, I’m very happy that I got the chance to experience this one and it has added even more to my experience in Inverness. Nevertheless, I think next weekend will be a bit tamer with a dolphin cruise, a hike, and maybe some quad-biking, a.k.a. 4-wheeling.

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