Much Ado About London

This past weekend I visited London for the first time. I was lucky enough to have a friend show me around town instead of me wandering aimlessly, so here’s my quick and painless report on all that I was able to accomplish in the short two days.


Shopping in London was great. My heavy hitting stores were Harrods and Liberty. At Harrods, I finally got to see where all that candy that my dad brought home when I was younger came from! Also, I fell in love with a vintage dress at Liberty. I wish money grew on trees and I had an orchard.

Portobello Market

The best part about this street market was the neighborhood it was in--Notting Hill. I loved the simple but beautiful architecture and the bright colors. It seemed like a shorter version of San Francisco, so naturally, I was in love.

London Aquarium

I always love aquariums, but to be honest, this aquarium is not up to par with my favorites (Underwater World @ The Mall of America, The Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans). It wasn’t very big, there weren’t many “petting zoos”, and it was full of screaming children. I will give them credit though, they had a fair amount of sharks for the size of the tank and they also had penguins–although none nearly as happy as these…

Sorry, I had to find a way to share those videos…

The Ice Creamists

I went to this ice cream “parlor” Saturday before heading out on the town. It has a very gothic and playful feel to it and a great set of ice cream flavors and ice cream cocktails. In case the name sounds familiar, this is, in fact, the ice cream parlor that makes it’s own breast milk ice cream, Baby GooGoo (formerly Baby Gaga). For the record, I didn’t try it. It just seemed too odd, even for me.

St. James’s Park, The Mall, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Abbey

I was able to squeeze all this and a torrential downpour in before I left London on Sunday afternoon. The weather was beautiful until just after lunch time, so I was able to get picture happy for a while. I didn’t get many pictures of the Abbey, though, because I was busy focusing on keeping my sandals on my feet in the middle of the rain. I did manage to buy a Royal Wedding commemorative deck of cards, however, so who’s up for some Texas Hold ‘Em?


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