Decluttering Your Wardrobe

Some of you may or may not have access to the September 2011 UK InStyle Magazine. Well, in an effort to procrastinate studying for my finals in two weeks, I bought it today and, while I haven’t read the whole magazine yet, I did find an article that I really enjoyed and wanted to share with you all.

I understand that this is, by no means, an advice-giving, DIY-suggesting, home-organizing blog, but I like to share the things I’m interested in with the people who are interested in me, so to speak. I hope you enjoy!

Decluttering Your Wardrobe, by Grace Saunders

1) Pick a free afternoon, when the in-laws won’t pop over and Selfridges doesn’t start it’s sale. Empty your wardrobe. If you know someone with a clothes’ rail, borrow it to hang garments for easy viewing. Pile jeans/jumpers/tracksuits/tees close by.

2) Be ruthless and edit out anything that comes under the following headings: Too small (where even if you lost a few pounds on that Special-K diet, it would still be on the wrong side of snug). Too big. Boyfriend baggy jeans work; oversized men’s shirts do not. Too battered to pass as anything other than bag lady. Love a vintage dress with the odd tear; but a tweed skirt with a missing panel, no zip and a frayed hem is best binned. Too passé. Yes, those stonewash, zipped skinnies must go. Haven’t worn it in the past year. It sounds harsh, but if i haven’t worn something in the past year, it will remain unworn for the next five. After my first few declutter sessions, the same few items popped up, unworn. I’d delude myself that maybe I’d wear my beaded faux-fur bolero (a snip at £12 in the summer 2002 Topshop sale) for the school run, but another year would pass and it would still be gathering dust.

3) Repeat this cycle with your undies, hosiery, shoes, bags and coats.

4) If you really want to fine-tune your closet à la a glossy-mag stylist, this would be a good time to put outfits together. By teaming looks and accessories, you’ll have a much better idea of what you’re using and what’s going to waste. My fashion editor friend Gayle goes as far as to Polaroid these outfits, complete with slouchy bag, Ray-Ban shades, ballet pumps and chunky men’s watch, miraculously taking all the stress out of “What the hell do I wear today and I’m already half an hour late for work?!” Now that’s devotion.

5) Once you’ve sorted through all those piles of old-season jeans and T-shirts, put your “keep” items back into your wardrobe and chest of drawers. Again, stealing wisdom from style guru Gayle, you could use this as an opportunity to morph into a fanatic and hang clothes in color order, stack jeans in similar styles, take out any items that need mending, altering, washing or dry-cleaning and replace all wire hangers with wooden ones. I’ve never been this organized, bu that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to be.

6) Whether you color-coordinate your frocks (fabulous fashionista) or just bung them back into your wardrobe on mismatched hangers (me), you’ll be left with a heap of discarded booty piled high on your bed. Now’s the time to get rid. Bin, charity, eBay or swap are my usual hot four options. Time poor? There are companies/individuals popping up who’ll eBay clothes for you for a cut of the cash. Try Nikki Bull ( Failing this, clothes-swapping parties are now a rite of passage for women in their late twenties and early thirties but, thankfully, come minus the group humiliation of hen nights. Text those girlies with a known stash of unworn Reiss goodies now.


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