And The Tension Mounts

The countdown to clinical exams is in the single digits. The countdown to summer holidays will be in single digits tomorrow. Can you guess which countdown I’m more concerned about? How about which one I’m more excited for? To be honest, I’m a bit more concerned about the paper that is supposed to accompany my clinical exams. So far, I have a title page. My flat-mate has convinced me that this is good progress. I’m going to take her word for it.

The last week, as a whole, has been anything but productive. However, classes are officially over and we are in our “study week” and my productivity is gradually increasing. Today was especially wonderful and only had one little hiccup. The hiccup? I over-cooked my steak dinner. Whoops. I’m planning to sleep in again tomorrow and carry out a similar agenda to what I had today: sleep in–alarm off, black-out shades and everything, shower, study for 2-3 hours, break time for a trip into town or a visit to the grocery store–no heavy thinking allowed, dinner, study for 2-3 hours, movie/social-networking time, bed time. I am a big advocate of the study-break-study-break routine. I will never understand how some people can just sit down at their desks and cram all day.

In addition to my physiotherapy studies today, though, I did some reading on Geneva and some skimming of my new Italian phrase book. I haven’t been this excited for a vacation since my 2009 EuroTrip. Everywhere I’m going I have never been before: Bourgas, Bulgaria, Dublin and Portlaoise, Ireland, and Geneva, Switzerland. Bulgaria is beach time, Ireland is chill time, and Geneva is explore time. What more could a girl ask for? (Actually, the answer to that is a money tree, in case you were wondering.) I’m especially excited to travel in and around Geneva and potentially use some of my fading French. So far I have looked into the many museums in town, wine tasting just outside of town, cruising on Lake Geneva, bungee jumping off the Verzasca Dam in Ticino, searching for long-lost relatives outside of Zurich and two local Geneva festivals: La Bätie and Fête des Vendanges. Suffice it to say, I think I will have a busy week in Switzerland and that’s not even including all the fondue and chocolate I plan on eating and designer jewelry stores I plan on window shopping. Did ya catch that? Window shopping? Remember, I don’t have a money tree.

Unfortunately, my mind is already on the beach in Bulgaria while the rest of me is still back here in Aberdeen so wish me luck on the next week and a half!

Happy Summer!


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