My Favorite Reunion

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m completely obsessed with my dog, Maddie. So, the fact that I’ve been living away from her for seven months now is not one I particularly enjoy admitting to. However, both times I’ve gone home to Minnesota since moving to Scotland, we’ve had such amazing reunions. The first time, in April, she spotted me waiting to be picked up on the curb at the airport before my mom did and starting wiggling and whining uncontrollably until I got in the car when she continued to wiggle. The second time, in July, I met her at home where she darted toward me, squealed, leapt into the air and onto me and then ran around the car in so many circles I got dizzy and then inside and around the living room bounding over any furniture that was deemed in her way. She truly makes going home one of the best feelings a girl could ask for. And to be honest, she makes me feel just as special when I come home from a 20-minute run to the grocery store.

Recently, this video (below) hit CNN showing dogs reuniting with their humans who had been deployed in the military. I spotted it and sent it to my family. My classmates spotted it and sent it to me. It’s truly a feel-good video. There’s nothing like coming home to a cold nose, a wagging tail, and a puppy-hug… or 5.

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In case any of you are concerned about what happens when a solider deploys and doesn’t have anyone at home to take care of his or her pet, check out Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet. It is an excellent charity organization dedicated to providing loving foster homes for the four-legged family members of our military while they are off serving our country. Please consider donating or volunteering to help out with such a great cause. Organizations like this one make more of these happy reunions possible.


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