Shaking Up Social Media

A few different bits of Social Media have popped up since I slipped into my last practical exam this afternoon that I wanted to share with you all.

In case you haven’t heard already, there as a 5.9 earthquake centered in Virginia this afternoon. Here, a blogger from the DC area shares a photo of the devastating damage with the world. I wish I had digital pictures of the grocery store after the last earthquake I experienced in Barstow, California. A bit different, to say the least.

Additionally, a friend of mine shared a link on facebook today (irony follows) to an article on 6 ways to disconnect from Social Media.

In the last couple weeks I have been a slave to social media as a method of procrastinating and staying connected to friends and family who haven’t been studying for exams –ah, the life. However, I’m only a few days away from taking, more or less, a three week break from social media. And on that note, I think I’ll share a few things I like and dislike about it all.

Likes: Keeping in contact with old friends whose number I would have lost a long time ago, learning about real experiences in the world in which I intend to travel, being able to share the goings-on in my life with my friends and family all at once instead of having to type up a bunch of individual emails, sharing my life with anyone who cares to listen/watch/read.

Dislikes: Feeling like it’s the only way to keep up with the world, having to keep some of my ramblings to under 140 characters, not being able to fall asleep without the flickering of the computer screen, always being at the beck and call of my contacts since my computer is always on and when I’m away from my computer my phone takes over.

In an exciting gesture toward pure travel and experience, I’m planning on leaving my laptop at home over vacation, so I will be significantly downgrading the amount of interaction I have with social media for three whole weeks! I don’t have quite the dedication to leave all things digital at home during my travels (the phone, the kindle and the digi camera will soon be my most loyal travel companions), but since it will cost me to access facebook, twitter and wordpress while I’m outside of the UK, I will likely be incommunicado, except by “old-fashioned” phone calls until I return to Aberdeen on September 16.

On that note, I have three questions to pose to you today:

  1. How do you escape from social media, aka the online ball-and-chain?
  2. Is anyone interested in writing a guest post or two for “Adventures of The Mischief Machine” while I’m gone? Any topic. Any experience. Any media. Comment or send me an email at kfreienm <at> gmail <dot> com if you are interested.
  3. What weekly feature would you be most interested in reading upon my return from holidays? Vote Here.

One thought on “Shaking Up Social Media

  1. Fact of the day: I learned via Twitter when I got home that Steve Jobs was resigning from Apple.

    I unplug by going on vacay or by ignoring my phone for a few hours. Both are equally effective strategies.

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