Dear Summer,

Wow, you have flown by. I can’t believe I’m about to embark on my end-of-summer holidays! From Inverness to Aberdeen to Minnesota to London, I truly enjoyed your experiences, your weather and your quirky sense of humor. And now, I’m off Ireland tomorrow and Bulgaria and Switzerland after that! I was convinced in May that  you would be my most depressing summer since leaving New Orleans, but you have provided me with so many opportunities to meet new people, make new friends, explore new places, and renew myself. Thank you.

Things I have learned this summer:

  • When they say midnight sun, they aren’t joking.
  • Falling over in a bar in Scotland is considered a rite of passage, not a reason to kick you out.
  • The NHS is free… for a reason.
  • Bagpipes can be traditional AND modern.
  • London streets are dirty.
  • Attractions in the UK are always on a smaller scale than the ones in the US.
  • You cannot find Bubble Tea in the UK.
  • You cannot find Hot Yoga in the UK.
  • Jamie Fraser may have existed in Outlander and in name on monuments, but men of his character and physical quality do not exist in Scotland.
  • Salmon is even yummier when it’s fresh, like, jumped into the net this morning fresh.
  • Good roommates do exist. (P.S. I Love You, Asani!)
  • Trains are much more convenient than buses.
  • Even if the forecast says it will be sunny all day, you should bring an umbrella to school.
  • Toga parties are better when played out at Sig Ep than at 45 Garthdee (sorry, boys).
  • Aberdeen is known as the Granite City for a reason.
  • Many dogs in Scotland are trained to heel off lead no matter the circumstances.
  • Pit bulls are loved in the UK, especially Scotland!
  •  Window-watching is an accepted past time and not considered as creepy as Peeping Toms.
  • The bees here are friendly… sometimes overly friendly.
  • Many of the lawnmowers here get plugged in to an outlet.
  • Chivalry DOES exist… most of the time.
  • Flying home is just as exciting the second time as it is the first time, and so on and so on.
  • People hear Minnesota and they assume year-round cold and snow only to be baffled when you come back with a ridiculous sun burn.
  • Fascinators are the best thing to happen to wedding fashion since the wedding dress.
  • Spanish paella stands are often run by French-speaking Scottish people.
  • Fire safety is at the front of everyone’s mind even though there are only 4 trucks to service the whole of the town.
  • Clothes dry three days faster outside on the line than they do on the rack inside.
  • The backwards peace sign is the equivalent to flicking someone off in The States.
  • Fries (a.k.a. chips) are dipped in mayonnaise.
  • The McDonalds cashier will most likely question you when you ask for more than one packet of ketchup.
  • European travel really isn’t that cheap compared to American travel.
  • Dual citizenship is considered a norm in the UK and their “colonies.”
  • It’s nearly impossible to find an actual multi-region DVD player.
  • Currys < Best Buy, whoa.
  • Shameless is an amazing TV show. It’s even more amazing when it’s set in Chicago.
  • There is a world-wide appreciation for David Boreanaz.
  • Hulu, Netflix and Pandora do not work outside the US.
  • And finally, NEVER TAKE THINGS AT FACE VALUE. People, places, and adventures will always surprise you in the end. Usually for the better.

Summer, I hope you enjoy your time off, but please don’t leave until I’m back in Aberdeen. I can’t wait to experience the Bourgas beaches and questionable food, the Irish traditions and characters, and the Swiss vineyards, music, food, chocolate and other things I’m not allowed to discuss until I have returned alive. *wink, wink*

Hugs, Kisses, and Good Wishes,


P.S. If you haven’t caught on yet, my three week blogging/twittering/facebooking hiatus (for the most part) starts tomorrow at noon (GMT).



4 thoughts on “Dear Summer,

  1. Oh, I’m so glad this summer turned out for you! I always get a little bit overwhelmed at the beginning of the summer – there are so many expectations and you just never know how any of it will turn out until you’re in the middle of the madness.

    Have a great end-of-summer holiday! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures when you return 🙂

  2. Can I just say:

    I can identify with almost everything in your list. Except–mayo on chips? On the mainland, sure. But the UK? What happened to malt vinegar?

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