Burgas, Bulgaria

“A major gateway to the Black Sea, Burgas is an unappealing port town you’ll probably be happy to skip. If you do stay, the 2 km beach isn’t bad (MTV chose it for a 2008 festival). Meanwhile, you’ll find plenty of action on the lively pedestrianised ul Aleksandrovska, which runs north (across ul Bulair) from the train station and Yug Bus Terminal. At pl Svoboda it meets another mall, ul Bogotidi—the busier of the two—which extends east towards the beach.” ~Lonely Planet, Europe on a Shoestring

My take?

Burgas is a simple party and beach town that is gradually becoming more modern. The town caters to UK and Irish residents during their high season as well as to residents of eastern European countries. There are many water activities available and the beach is beautiful with the exception of the occasional jellyfish washing ashore. Be aware of one section of Sunny Beach, however, that is for those who prefer to sunbathe fully nude. And, as is usually the case, the people who like to be completely nude are not often the people you want to see fully nude.

At the moment, the currency is still the Bulgarian Leva (2 lev = 1 euro, 1 lev = 1.25 dollars) so it is quite an inexpensive town. However, they are scheduled to get the Euro soon, so this may change. Restaurants attempt to cover a wide variety of styles but, in general, the food is quite bland. The highlight of Burgas, for me, was the weather. It was sunny 7 out of 8 days and it hovered around 80°F/30°C with a light breeze and the nights were cool, but tolerable with a light cardigan.

Holiday Highlights (a peek at The List)

  • Mission: Wear Skirts was in full effect this holiday and I accomplished my goal of wearing a skirt or dress every day we were in Bulgaria. This was essential for taking advantage of the warm weather, the sun and the trips back and forth to the pool.
  • Monday, August 29 was our first full day in Burgas and it was also the 6th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. As our adventures at The Funny Pub began I honored both occasions by teaching the local bartenders how to make a hurricane and ordering it again and again and again. It was absolutely delicious and everything I needed to get into the holiday party spirit.
  • I determined that there are really only two traffic rules in Bulgaria. 1) Drive on the right side of the road, and 2) Stop at a red light. Speeding, passing, random parking placements and other maneuvers didn’t seem to faze a single driver or local pedestrian. I was fazed, however, and just held my breath during the cab rides home.
  • As the holidays continued, we visited The Funny Pub every night we went out. About half way through the week I was promised an opportunity to bartend before I left. I didn’t actually think it would materialize, but alas, on our last night in town, I provided two hours of free labor to my favorite Burgas establishment. Hilarity and strong drinks ensued.
In general, this holiday was all about getting a tan and partying hard. We didn’t visit any touristy sights, with the exception of Nessebar where we went to visit the street markets and search out more flavorful food and just so happened upon “the old town” castle and ruins.
*Aoife, Me and Ciara ready for Dinner*

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