26 by 26

A few weeks ago, following her 24th birthday, my friend Kat posted about 25 things she wanted to accomplish by the time she turns 25 (25 by 25). I really liked the idea of posting my goals on my blog so that someone will hold me accountable. However, I have barely a month left until I turn 25, so I decided to add another goal (#26) in exchange for another year’s time to accomplish them. Those of you who know me know that I like to make lists, but the lists are usually for the more immediate future. So, I am challenging myself to think long term on the whole. But, I am allowing myself to include a few short- and medium-term goals as well.

Here we go!

  1. Complete a round of P90X in all its fitness and nutritional glory.
  2. Bake cookies without the help of my mother’s KitchenAid Stand Mixer.
  3. Visit Dunnotar Castle in Stonehaven.
  4. Visit Balmoral Castle.
  5. Visit the Isle of Skye.
  6. Seriously clean out my closet, dresser and under-bed storage to ease the pain of future moves.
  7. Find and purchase a large, black leather purse. This one is currently the front runner.
  8. Find and purchase flat, black leather, fall boots.
  9. Prepare for the US Physical Therapy Board Exams.
  10. Plan for a post-course travel adventure to Southeast Asia.
  11. Cultivate friendships with my classmates.
  12. Complete another trip/activity from Lonely Planet’s A Year of Adventures.
  13. Visit my little and her little bitty.
  14. Pack a lunch at least three days per week.
  15. Learn to ski.
  16. Learn how to cook duck and lamb.
  17. Use my French whenever possible.
  18. Do more research and ask more professionals about a certain potential “Christmas gift.” (This one is vague, I know, but even if I’m not ready to divulge it to the world yet, I still want to be held accountable for it.)
  19. Take an evening art class at Gray’s School of Art ~or~ a French language practice course (Location TBD).
  20. Make over my room at my dad’s house.
  21. Find a way to volunteer with the Scottish SPCA.
  22. Look into getting a job in Scotland in 2012.
  23. Visit a whisky distillery in Speyside.
  24. Figure out and go forth with a new, updated hairstyle.
  25. Look into and make contacts for job opportunities following the completion of my course.
  26. Just keep blogging. Just keep blogging. (Insert Dory’s voice here.)

What goals are you hoping to accomplish before your next birthday or in the next year?

Do you prefer to set a lot of short term goals or more long term goals?

5 thoughts on “26 by 26

  1. Love that you started a list too! I was telling another friend the other day, having blog-accountability for all things (those you want to do, those you need to do and those you really don’t want to do) gets stuff done. And usually in fairly record time. I can’t wait for this stuff to start happening for you – LOVE the travel/adventure plans.

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