3. Visit Dunnottar Castle

I tackled my first item on my 26 by 26 list! #3 Visit Dunnottar Castle. Admittedly, this was probably the easiest item on the list because my placement is in Stonehaven and I already have a season rail ticket to go there whenever I want until October 28. Nevertheless, I have accomplished a goal on my list!

This weekend was a long weekend as a result of a random Aberdeen holiday on Monday (bank or public is still up for debate) and the weather was supposed to be rainy and cold the whole time, but UN-true to form, it was sunny and beautiful! So, I grabbed a couple girlfriends and we made the trek–seriously, the trek–to Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven.

Now, I’ve been to a lot of monuments, castles and wayside view points in my time, but this was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I was absolutely awestruck the whole walk there, the tour around, and the walk back.

Here are a couple snippets from the plethora of photos that were taken.

More photos are available on Facebook.


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