GoldenEye Bungee Jump

I read about the GoldenEye Bungee Jump in my Lonely Planet’s A Year of Adventures book. When I decided to go to Switzerland, I just had to squeeze this in. And, boy, am I glad I did!

Let me start by saying this: Wow, that is a long way down. 220 meters to be precise. It is one of the highest in the world and definitely the most famous.

The drive up the winding roads and very steep hill side was a bit of an adrenaline rush on its own, but the jump itself was AMAZING!

I didn’t get a good video of me jumping because I trusted my camera to a stranger who was apparently point-and-shoot inept. However, here’s the inspiration for the jump. Just imagine me in my Virago t-shirt and then driving away in my Ford Fiesta.

I know what you’re thinking. Bad. Ass.

Yep, I know. šŸ˜‰


One thought on “GoldenEye Bungee Jump

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