How to Speak “Bar”

One thing I noticed on my holidays was that my years of experience working in bars and restaurants came in handy when placing orders with people whose first language was NOT English. It’s difficult to explain the hand gestures, winks, smiles and conversations that played out, so I have decided to simply share the how-to’s for some of my favorite cocktails that I was either able to tell the bartenders how to make or just made on my own during my brief stint as a Funny Pub bar “wench.”

Royal Flush (Shot): Crown Royal, Peach Schnapps, Cranberry Juice. You can add Chambord as well, but that’s too fruity for my tastes and it wasn’t available at the Funny Pub either.

Melon Ball (Shot): Midori, Vodka, Pineapple Juice. If you’re feeling sassy, “float” some Blue Curacao on top as well.

“Hurricane” (Drink): Light Rum, Dark Rum, Passoa (For those of you in America, this is a passion fruit liquer), Amaretto (Splash), Orange Juice, Cherry Grenadine (Splash, if you want it). This is the slightly European adaptation of the Hurricane, and although not quite the New Orleans Hurricane, it’s just as potent and tastes pretty much the same, so just as delicious.

Mojito (Drink): Muddled lime, mint, and demerara sugar (a.k.a. brown sugar for you Europeans), then light rum, more light rum, simple syrup (splash), lime juice (splash), soda water (splash). Ok, so this was already on the menu at most places, but they kept adding mint schnapps or something resembling Rumple Minze to them, so I took over and left that out for a MUCH tastier mojito.

Happy Drinking!



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