Rainy Day Sunday

I made a list of topics I wanted to post about upon my return from holidays. So far, I’ve made it through about half of the topics. Those remaining? The Geneva Youth Hostel, a tribute to the things my dad taught me that came in very handy during holidays, The Conrad, my holiday books review, and the rules of cat-calling. Unfortunately, my transition to technical writing for placement has hindered my ability to write creatively.

So, here’s where it gets interesting. I will cover these topics as if I were writing SOAP notes for placement. (SOAP is an acronym for Subjective, Objective, Analysis, Plan.) This type of note-taking is used to document and describe patient contacts following the initial assessment. In most cases it is a quick and easy way to share information with any other medical professional regarding a patient’s rehabilitation. We’ll see how it works for blogging.

The Geneva Youth Hostel

S: I was initially nervous to stay in a hospital, but since the hotels in Geneva are so expensive, it was really my only option. The staff were nice and helpful and the patrons were, in general, upstanding citizens of the world.

O: Clean rooms, bathrooms and common areas. 35 SFr/night for a bed in a 6-bed room. 10 SFr/4 hours of internet access. Near to town center and the lake. Transport card for free access to public transport.

A: Excellent hostel. I would recommend it to anyone visiting Geneva. Mostly young people use the hostel, but there are occasional adults who use it as well.

P: Recommend to friends. Return upon my next visit to Geneva.

Thanks Be To Dad

S: My dad has taught me many things over the years that have contributed to my excellent travel skills. These skills came in very handy over my holidays.

O: How to drive a stick shift car, my sense of direction, my ability to tan–not as fast as some people, but definitely faster than my Irish travel partners.

A: If it weren’t for my dad, I would have never made it to my bungee jump in Switzerland, I would be lost somewhere in Eastern Europe, and I would be pale.

P: Keep learning from Dad. Apparently it has worked out well so far. 🙂

The Conrad Dublin

S: Beautiful hotel across the street from the Concert Hall and near St. Stephen’s Green.

O: Excellent water pressure in the shower. Comfortable beds. CSI: Miami marathon on the TV. Fellow male residents of the hotel included the English football team.

A: Great hotel to have, even if just for a night. Beautiful rooms and bathrooms.

P: Recommend to friends. Plan another stay around another rugby game so as to meet the professional rugby players instead of trying to steal their taxi.

Holiday Books Review (See the Kindle Book List for authors and links)

S: I missed reading so much that during my holidays, I completely binged on books.

O: In the Garden of Beasts, Life is a Trip, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Dragonfly in Amber (still working on this one).

A: I’ve read Something Borrowed and Something Blue before, but had a recent desire to refresh my memory on the actual stories and not what happened in the movie. Life is a Trip was a quick read, but fairly inspirational for my travels. It’s all about learning and experiencing  all that you can when you travel. In the Garden of Beasts was a bit hard to get in to since I’m not accustomed to reading historical non-fiction, but it turned out great and the dynamic of the American Ambassador’s family in Hitler’s Berlin was very interesting. I’m still in the middle of Dragonfly in Amber, but it’s the second book in the Outlander series and I think I love it almost as much as the first one.

P: Just keep reading. Just keep reading. And share these books with friends and family.

SOAP notes could never do the cat-calling justice so I’ll address that later. That may actually turn into a funny post. 


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