Wait…. What?!?! It’s October? Oh Yeah, It’s OCTOBER!!!

So, how’s everyone feeling about it being October?

I, for one, am quite pumped. So pumped, in fact, that I am willing to wait for the photo upload-er in order to share some of my favorite October photos from years past.

October 2007: My brother, Kyle, is my DD for my 21st Birthday. He turns 21 tomorrow, and I am quite sad that I can't be his DD for his night out. Alas, I think I'll resort to taking him to Toby Keith's when I go home for Christmas. 😉

October 2007: Everybody ready for my Big Night Out for my 21st!

October 2007: Me, Laura and Hallie having fun in my birthday limo.

October 2007: I was just behaving so fabulously on my 21st. 😀

October 2007: Me, Chad and Becky in one of our many photo shoots during my 21st birthday celebrations.

October 2008: Me and my "Lil' Bro," Sam on his 21st birthday.

October 2008: Birthday meatloaf for my 22nd. I don't like cake--I know, shame--and my dad forgot to place the traditional Mud Pie order in at Fletchers, so I got Dad's specialty, which melted the candles a bit before they were even lit. Whoops!

October 2008: My brother and I at my "on campus" birthday dinner at The Spaghetti Factory in Minneapolis.

October 2009: I met up with the Phi Sig boys at a house party after I went to the traditional October Rascal Flatts concert in St. Paul.

October 2009: Celebrating Halloween with my Hurricane Rescuers, Chad and Christian.

October 2010: After birthday dinner celebrations at Dad's house, Maddie and I had a snuggle to celebrate 3 years together!

October 2010: Celebrating my birthday and Halloween with some of the Phi Sig boys and one of my Whiskey Girls from Toby Keith's.

Just looking through these photos makes me curious as to what’s in store this year.

A couple things I know for sure? I’m going to Athens, I will be decorating/carving pumpkins, I will be getting that one extra hour of sleep when the clocks fall back, and I will be teaching Aberdeen how to appropriately celebrate Halloween.

Oh yeah, and I’M TURNING 25!!!!

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…” ~Dr. Seuss

Cheers to the best month of the whole year and to the start of MY New Year!!!!


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