The Rules of Cat-Calling

Dear Individuals with Y Chromosomes,

Disclaimer: I do not like cat-calling, nor do I like being cat-called.

  1. Whistling is not original. The best reaction you’ll get from me is looking for a dog you lost.
  2. Yelling at me from your car window means I will never ride in a car with you because you are irresponsible and do not pay attention to the road.
  3. Winking at me and then blatantly looking at my chest will not be rewarded with anything but a kick in the balls.
  4. Your repeated “Bonjour Mademoiselle”s remind me of a small boy trying to get his mommy to pay attention to him in the cereal isle. I don’t date little boys.
  5. Actually taking the time to walk over to me, introduce yourself and try start to a conversation about something not involving partying will at least get you rewarded with a bit of my time, and assuming you’re not creepy, have all your teeth, and don’t smell bad, you may actually get a whole conversation with me.

Let me explain my distaste for cat-calling. 

It’s not original. Why should I feel special just because you gave me attention? Cat-calling is always a passing glance. For all I know, you whistled at the girl walking behind me after I ignored you. You probably yelled out your car window at the hooker on the last corner. Behaving like a little boy is not attractive. At all. Cat-calling does not require any courage whatsoever. You don’t have to own up to your actions because you only expressed yourself in passing.

You know what requires courage? Actually walking up to me and starting a conversation. Sure, it could be entirely awkward and not pan out to anything, but you had the guts and you have my respect for that.

Moral of the story: GROW A PAIR!!!


One thought on “The Rules of Cat-Calling

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