Wanderlust (noun) – A strong desire to travel – A man consumed by wanderlust

Ever since returning from my holidays, and to be honest, even before that, I’ve been trying to think up a good post-course adventure. I really want to do Southeast Asia. So much so that I bought Lonely Planet’s Southeast Asia On a Shoestring… in actual print. I’ve also been attached to my atlas and cannot stop googling things to do and places to see.

Places to visit:

  • Thailand
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • The Philippines
  • Bali
  • Singapore

Things to do:

  • Volunteer at an orphanage in Cambodia
  • Thai Massage or Yoga retreat in Thailand
  • Contiki tour
  • Elephant Trekking
  • SCUBA diving
  • Kayaking

I’m sure the more time I spend with my guidebooks and atlas I’ll find even more things I want to do. And then someone will have to take them all away before I simply spread myself too thin.

However, today, another opportunity arose that has the potential to really jump start my SE Asia adventure. I discovered Work The World. Specifically, I discovered their physiotherapy placement in Sri Lanka. While I am currently planning on setting up my final placement to be in Germany, I am considering doing this placement as an additional learning experience after my course is through and then starting my adventure from there.

Why do I want to do an extra placement? Well, most PT schools in the US get more clinical placement hours than we do here in the UK. So, I thought, why not make an effort to equal the US students’ hours and throw in another unique and amazing experience in physiotherapy? To be honest, when the Cuba trip was postponed, I was quite upset. And, knowing it would be rescheduled for a time when I would be on placement, I was trying to figure out another way to get other-worldly experience. So, it would seem this is the opportunity I was looking for.

So, here I am, not focusing on my current schoolwork or placement and, instead, trying to figure out what the beginning of my 2013 will look like. Yes, I typed that right. I do, in fact, mean 2013.

I would like an outsider’s perspective on all of this though. Multiple times throughout the last three years I’ve been told “This is your time!” and “Take advantage of not having anything to tie you down yet!” Obviously, I particularly like this advice because it means I can put off being a grown-up that much longer. However, sometimes I wonder if there’s a point where I should just cool my heels and save some adventures for later on in life.

So, calling all world travelers, grown-ups, fellow bloggers, future employers, friends, and family!

What do you think? What sort of feedback do you have?

I’m looking for feedback on the concept of an extra clinical placement, traveling in SE Asia, and generally taking advantage of the fact that I am virtually commitment free. Other feedback, suggestions and advice are also welcome!

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