Reflections on “Monte Carlo”

Yep. I did it. I rented “Monte Carlo” from iTunes. And then I watched it. And then I started it again… from the beginning. Because who doesn’t love a feel-good movie about teenage girls who learn about themselves during a trip to Europe?

Well, this is not the post where I tell you all about how inspirational and well-composed the movie was. (It’s a cute movie, but that post would not be substantial.) No, this is the post where I take the chance to share a small bit of wisdom from a perpetual traveling student.

Stepping outside my comfort zone, exploring the world and different cultures, and soaking it all up has been one of the best learning experiences I could ever ask for. There are some days when I think I could pick up everything and move half way across the world to be a part of something so different and so amazing. But, everyday, it makes me appreciate where I came from and the life my family started and I have made for myself.

Given the opportunity to travel, I think it is a must. So, don’t be part of the 80% of Americans who don’t have a passport, go get your really unflattering plain background photograph taken and start collecting stamps.



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