Media Monday

It’s a week for Multiple Medias! Prepare yourself!

You’ll have to actually click on the first two video links because YouTube doesn’t allow embedding due to copyright laws.

Ok, so I don’t actually watch Weeds (mainly because I follow too many other shows to add another to the list), but Anjli from This Single Life posted a link to this video of the intro as a reference to suburban life in the States. Not only is the video spot on, but it’s also a song my dad sings whenever we drive through suburban post-war neighborhoods. The song can easily get stuck in you head though, so don’t learn the words or you’ll drive yourself nuts one day when you can’t stop singing it while you’re driving through the suburbs.

I found this video on iTunes last week and I just really like the way it’s set up and filmed. Johnny Cash is a classic. So much so, that I had a cab driver recently who was listening to him when he picked me up from the airport and couldn’t stop talking about him for about five minutes of our 15 minute drive.

I heard this on the radio the other day and promptly downloaded it because it’s a cheesey, feel-good, boy band pop song. I mean, who doesn’t love one of those every now and then?

And here’s a feel-good moment for you to cap this all off.

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