Underage Drinking–Puppy Style

It didn’t take long to figure out Maddie was meant to be my dog. During her first week with me, Maddie pulled a stunt that left my dad and me laughing all night and we still laugh about it every now and then.

Maddie and I went to visit my dad on Casco Point. It was a relatively uneventful evening of watching TV with a glass of wine. Maddie was still getting used to the idea of being taken care of, so she would crave attention and be bouncing around one minute and then crash on top of the couch pillows the next minute.

During one of Maddie’s lulls in activity I went to join my dad in the office to see something that was once interesting, but now I cannot recall. Anyway, five minutes later Dad and I reemerged to retrieve our wine glasses… only to find Maddie perched on the arm of the couch with her nose buried in and slurping the last of what was a half-full glass of white wine. What was even more impressive was that she managed to remove her nose from the wine glass without knocking it over.

Up until that point, Maddie’s specific breed or mix was still to be determined, but given her behavior, we decided she is a Booze Hound.

To this day, it’s not safe to leave a beverage within reach of Maddie. In the summer, when someone spills a drink in the boat house, Maddie is the first to offer to clean it up. A couple years back we had a Christmas party at Dad’s house where people were sitting around on floor cushions due to a “furniture transition” and Maddie was quick to sample the vodka-tonics and rum-n-diets that were being supported by the floor.

Ah, my little Booze Hound. Causing mischief just like her mamma.


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