On The Hunt for a New Hair Style

I’ve been scouring magazines, the internet, people.com, and pinterest for inspiration for a new hair style since I booked my appointment with Laura for the beginning of my Christmas break. Half of me wants to go short, but the other half of me wants to see how long I can actually get my hair in the next year before I finish school.

So, here’s some of the inspiration I’ve found…

Short Hair: I really like the idea of a longer pixie cut. I’m terrified of bed-head, but just think how much faster my hair would dry! In a Scottish winter, reduced drying time is key. And, since my hair has to be off my shoulders every day for practical and placement, I wouldn’t have to deal with ponytail headaches with this style.

Long-ish Hair: I finally started adding layers to my hair again this summer. I really like the idea of long, wavy hair with side-swept bangs, but I’m clueless as to how to keep volume in my hair! It never lasts more than 5 minutes. If I keep my hair long, I really want to change up the color. I loved being red way back when, but it was hard to maintain. I like the more subtle dip-dye effect in the bottom picture, but have no idea if I could swing it.


So, I need some input.

What do YOU think?

What factors do you take into consideration when you’re styling your hair?

What are your tricks for maintaining volume throughout the day???




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