5 thoughts on “Is there, like, a McDonald’s?

  1. I think a lot of questions come from a genuine place of curiosity, but they’re just worded too simply. For the last one, the person could have been wondering if there’s a big on-campus social aspect, or if there’s a cool “hangout” or whatnot.

    Moral of the story: not every city outside the US is some desolate wasteland with no where to shop. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I admire your patience, lol

    • Haha, you’re probably right about some of the questions. I will admit that it’s hard to get tone across in text. Some of the questions, though, came in a context that just really made they students look like the grew up under a rock.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. I usually respond to stupid questions with a deep sigh or a sarcastic comment. My ex-boyfriend once asked me if Mother Theresa was dead. I just hung my head in shame and left the relationship.

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