The Week in Review

Since my post on Tuesday, I haven’t felt like I’ve had anything super fun and exciting to tell the world about. However, looking back on my week, I think I have a few things to share.

On Thursday we had our first Women’s Health lecture for our module. I think it was the most entertaining lecture I’ve ever attended. Imagine 25 20-something girls and 8 20-something guys learning about everything that happens to the female body during pregnancy and labor and the trials of breast-feeding all while the instructor is using the most uncomfortable analogies, descriptive sayings, and squeezing her boobs. On my left, was the one married individual in our class who turns to me after the labor section and tells me he’ll never look at his wife the same way. On my right, was one of the female members of the class who kept hiding her eyes from the presentation and changing from pale and terrified to bright red and embarrassed and back again. I was actually concerned for a while that I would have to pick her up off the floor at the end of class.

Hilarity continued when I accompanied the same female classmate to a “meet the friends” dinner with her boyfriend on Thursday night. I would love to go into detail about this experience, but I’m fairly certain that the banter back and forth between the guys and girls would be considered X-rated. Not to mention, that once the drinking started flowing at the bars after dinner, my memory starts to get a bit fuzzy. Things I can clearly remember: giving one of the guys a hard time for being a Steelers fan, taking shots with the girls, walking on tables, dancing my tush off in two different pairs of shoes, dragging a stranger into the dancing circle even though I was already dancing with someone else, leaving at 2 am dreading the idea of waking up for a wound care lecture the next morning.

Friday brought on a hungover morning, but a successful afternoon of getting the keys to my new flat! It’s so naked right now so I keep thinking about how I’m going to decorate it, but I’m leaving that for after my upcoming trip to Germany. In the mean time, I keep trying to motivate myself to complete a first draft for one of my papers. *Oh, Joy* Friday night was dedicated to a “J” themed birthday party and mischievous photos incriminating the birthday girl.

What sort of silly things did you witness or do this week?

Any suggestions for decorating my flat even though you haven’t seen pictures?


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