9, 10, 20, 24–It’s time for a 26 by 26 update!

9. Prepare for the US Physical Therapy Board Exams

I bought the book and CD ROM. Does that count?
Still plenty of time to actually read it–exam is in March 2013.

10. Plan for a post-course travel adventure to SE Asia.

I bought the books! And I’ve put a deposit down on Sri Lanka! Now I just need to do some crafty budgeting and “business” deals to take care of the rest.
Click the pictures to see what I’m doing in each area!

20. Make over my room at my dad’s house.

It’s not the Grey and Yellow I originally planned, but I got rid of the desk/dining table, moved the pretty dressing chair (behind the door), set up a small window table, and brought the luggage rack outside of the closet. Since it’s not really my room anymore, I decided to make it more guest-friendly. Success!

24. Figure out and go forth with a new, updated hairstyle.

Red! Layers! Joy!
P.S. Who else thinks the pink tree is AH-MA-ZING?!?

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