New Look–Yay!

This has been about the least exciting weekend I’ve had all year (like 12 months, not just the last 20-odd days). I have been working on my research proposal for school from the comfort of my own bed for the duration of it. The most entertainment I’ve had was watching the drunks sloppily stroll past my window last night on their way to the bars across the street from me. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to believe that I am completely on tune when I sing at the top of my lungs after a few martinis. The wanderers last night? Not so much.

Anyway. New look on the blog! What do you think? Who knows? I might change back. But, since I’m still all about the free blogging, I’m going to use the resources at my fingertips. Thank you, WordPress.

I made a friend during a trip to Aberdeen beach on a study break. We shared a "refrigerator bar" and have been buddies ever since. What a cute little Starling.

So, I’m headed back to Inverness on Tuesday night! Burns Night is Wednesday night, so I can pretty much guarantee that I will make my return to Hootananny’s within 24 hours of returning to Inverness. There and The Gellions, since Schiehallion is scheduled to make their weekly appearance on Wednesday night. AND, now that I’ve actually had haggis and loved it, I may even order it without cringing in honor of the great Rabbie Burns.

Well, the rough draft of my proposal is complete and ready to be edited tomorrow, my flat is cleaned, the last load of laundry is in the washing machine, my sheets are clean, and I’m tucked in under my cozy duvet. It’s not a rockin’ holiday, but I’ll take what I can get.

How was your weekend? Please tell me it’s been more exciting than mine.

P.S. I have a couple causes to bring to your attention to this week.

1) Bob Powell, who is pretty much the coolest retired pilot you will ever meet and is also like a second dad to me, is waging his battle with pancreatic cancer again. Please keep him in your prayers, meditations, and good-vibe sending.

2) My friend, Ellen, is doing a Peace Corps stint in the Dominican Republic and while I can’t do much to contribute to her efforts to teach good health and safe sex practices, I can help her to take care of two new puppies who have taken up residence in her yard. If you’re interested in sending any sort of medications, vaccinations, treats, or goodies for the 4-leggeds and their mamma, please get in touch with Ellen (through her blog) or myself (via this blog) for details and instructions.


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