The beauty of life is the way it changes.

Time to consult the books.

For starters, Aberdeen used to be the place I tried my absolute hardest to get away from. Today, I couldn’t wait to get back. Don’t get me wrong, I love Inverness. But, today, all I wanted was my own bed, my own kitchen (even without any food), my noisy bar-across-the-street to fall asleep to, and my sanity. Yes, definitely my sanity.

Also, in the last couple weeks, I’ve been thinking about my career aspirations a bit more. Wow, that sounds grown-up. Anyway, I had this brilliant idea that I would grow up to be a part-time pediatric physio and part-time canine physio. And I love that idea. But, after the last week and a half, I’ve developed a love for neuro. There’s just something so great about the team environment and the way bouncing ideas of colleagues is natural and not an interruption. And I love that even the simple act of sitting with the patient can be seen as a big accomplishment, just the same as walking without assistance for the first time, or getting more range of motion than the day before in a muscle group with high tone.

Or how I go from being a relatively tolerant person to being a relatively intolerant person. Do you ever have those moments when you just can’t help but notice every annoying detail about everything? Sometimes only a day after looking on the bright side of everything. That’s been me the last couple days.

Up. Down. All around. Zig zag. Curly Q. Whoosh!

Ah, well, I’m back in my own bed. I’m back to my normal day with internet 24/7 and my dresser full of Smart Wool and fuzzy socks. Yes, tonight, I am happy. And I’ll be even happier to wake up tomorrow to another day of routine. Sometimes routine is the best cure to life’s crazy changes. Sometimes change infiltrates the routine. Either way, tonight I will sleep well.


One thought on “The beauty of life is the way it changes.

  1. Hope you slept well. Enjoy a couple of days by yourself. You deserve it!
    I love you and am so excited about my trip to Scotland. Mom

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