An Appeal to International Daters

Ok, I’m not really super big on blogging about my personal life, especially because it’s not much to speak of at the moment, but I wanted to ask for some ideas/suggestions/opinions from all you wonderful readers.

As a perpetual student traveller, I meet people who are not from anywhere near where I’m from a lot. Sometimes I talk to these people and become friends with them. Sometimes I’m attracted to these people (ok, guys). But what am I supposed to do when I actually really like one of these said people and the possibility of dating is pretty much non-existent because of the distance between our current residences???

The logical side of me says, “It’s too complicated. Figure something/someone else out.” But seriously, who can actually drop a subject like this that fast? The lovey-dovey-Valentine in me is saying “Hmmm… maybe there’s a way to make it work. People relocate and/or make long-distance relationships work sometimes.” I’m kind of convinced, though, that the only people who can make transatlantic or intercontinental relationships work are celebrities people with lots of money.

Then, there’s all those sayings like “People who go for what they want get what they want.” and “What will be will be.”

Seriously? Couldn’t all those philosophical types have had a chat before sending their words of wisdom out into the world? All these contradicting “proverbs” are throwing my game off!

What do you think? 

No go? or Go for it?


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