Bittersweet End

The Physio Girls looking over Loch Ness and Castle Urquhart

Tomorrow night marks the end of my most recent stay in Inverness. Unlike last time, when Victoria and I stayed through the Sunday after placement, I’m heading back to Aberdeen on the heels of my assessment.

Inverness did not fail to impress, however. In fact, it impressed me all over again and I got the chance to share it with more of my friends this time around. Not only did I have six new classmates up here with me, I also had two friends come to visit, one from Aberdeen and one from Norway. Maybe it’s just me, but I think that being able to share such a great place with the people in my life really makes the place and it’s memories even better.

The Girls wrangle Nessie

There’s a lot I will miss when I leave Inverness, but at the end of the day, I have some butt-kicking to do in Aberdeen and I need my own bed, shower, kitchen, and regular internet to really get on track. Not to mention, my mom is coming to visit in a month! So, yes, while I will miss forgoing class for real-life experience, interacting with genuinely nice and welcoming locals, and exploring a beautiful and colorful area of Scotland, I’m ready to get back to my “civilized” life in Aberdeen.

Now, how about a quality Inverness story to show and seal my love for this town?

Last night I went out with some of my co-workers for a pre-theatre dinner at Cafe One in honor of the coming rotation of positions. Dinner was so delicious that I was actually a member of the clean plate club for once. *YUM* After dinner, I headed to Hootananny’s with the only non-physio in attendance, Debs. She’s just about my age and I’ve always found her fun to talk to in the hospital, so I figured it was time to make friends (never mind it being the Tuesday before I leave town).

We each had a pint and had some good chat about any and everything. As we were getting up to leave a guy walked over to our table to say hi. Immediately on the defense and ready to say, “Seriously, it’s Tuesday, save your pick-up lines for the weekend.” I glanced his way and said “Hi” in return. I glanced back to Debs for a brief moment as if to say, “Let’s go before this gets annoying” and upon returning my gaze to this guy I realized I recognized him. “Oh, God.” I said. Double. Take.

Insert awkward laugh here.

First thing to keep in mind when judging my reaction to this situation: I’m with a girl who I am hanging out with for the first time. I’m not trying to put up any sort of classy facade, but this could potentially make things really awkward between us. Second thing to keep in mind: This is a guy who I had kissed in that very same bar more than six months ago… When I was drinking… Heavily.

So, in true social butterfly form, I introduced my friend to the guy, Gavin, and him to Debs (yes, I remembered his name, thank God). About 30 seconds of conversation followed and Debs and I gracefully strutted out the front door as planned.

Outside, I gave her the cliff notes version of what happened six months ago. Then I confessed that, if I hadn’t forgotten my cell phone at home (this night, not six months ago), I would have asked for his number. Never mind the fact, that he doesn’t actually live in Inverness and neither do I, but I would have done it for the sake of having no regrets. “Can I be your wingman? I’ve never been a wingman! Here, take my phone. Let’s go back. Can we go back? You have to ask him for his number!” And I did it. I didn’t put up a fight to the idea of going back in, but I did have to fight a serious case of the giggles. I mean, who wouldn’t laugh hysterically and the situation I had just gotten myself into?

Gavin, Victoria and Me at Hootananny's in June 2011

So, we walked back inside and up to the bar to order another drink. I couldn’t come up with a good reason for why we had just left and come back less than five minutes later, so I just kept my back to this guy and his friend for a bit until I just had the nerve to walk over. Just as we got our drinks, he walked over to us. “So, you didn’t leave? Did something happen outside?”

“Yep.” I just left it there. It seemed to be the safest thing to do.

Debs and I sat down with Gavin and his friend, Sam at their table and had some good, fun conversation about the ins, outs, ups, and downs of working in the healthcare industry. Near the end of our drinks, Debs pulls her phone out of her purse and slides it across the table (I didn’t take it when we were outside). “Why do I have your phone?”

“Oh, did you pick it up off the table at dinner?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

Somehow, I managed to smoothly get his phone number (or, at least, I like to think it was smooth) and save it in Debs phone. “I’ll text you when I get home. I just shouldn’t be trusted with this stupid keyboard at the moment.” Okay, that excuse wasn’t so smooth. Anyway…

We all walked out of the bar together, Gavin and I hugged and the guys went their way and we went our way. I paused not far from the taxi stand to send Gavin’s phone number from Debs’ phone to mine back at the flat. It was actually rather seamless.

I giggled to myself the whole ride home and shared the story with my flat-mates when I got there. I texted him from my phone when I got home, got a response, and fell asleep laughing. I even woke up with a grin on my face. *PRICELESS*

‘No way that would ever happen to me in Aberdeen.


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