Thoughts on the No Shopping Challenge

It has been one month since I began my No Shopping Challenge and I and proud to say that I have been successful. *YAY*

It was getting pretty difficult toward the end of my stay in Inverness because of the limited wardrobe selection I had up there. However, upon returning to Aberdeen, it’s been like having brand new clothes again. The past two days, I’ve put together a few cute outfits that I hadn’t assembled before. It was quite invigorating! Too bad I didn’t take many, and by that I mean any, photos of me in said outfits (I just don’t know how to take a photo of myself without seeming entirely awkward).

I have been tempted by a few new spring items that I thought would be really great for Sri Lanka, but I convinced myself that there would still be great items to find closer to my departure date.

One blogger commented on my original post that she, too, could undertake a no shopping challenge, but would probably end up spending the money on something else. Well, it appears I have found my weak spot during this challenge–Concerts. I haven’t made any ticket purchases as of yet, but it’s almost inevitable at this point. On the calendar? Peatbog Faeries (Contemporary Scottish, if there is such a thing.), NKOTBSB (I know, I’m juvenile, but I love it!), RockNess (Festival! Yay!). I mean, what’s a girl to do???

What’s your weakness when you’re trying not to spend money on clothes? Or on anything for that matter?

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