Inspiration: Prohibition

I will admit that I never quite made it through The Great Gatsby when it was assigned reading in high school, but even so, I’ve been fascinated with the 1920s era since the start of college. Especially lately, with the flapper style coming back to the runways and stores, my love for the fashion, the lifestyle, the design, and just about everything related to flappers has returned and resurged.

In college, my sorority had a 20s-themed formal, which I loved! …even if I was only one of four people who actually dressed the part.

Anyway, this post actually doesn’t have a real point other than to share my love for the era of prohibition.

Loved my flapper formal!

P.S. I realize it looks like I’m searching out wedding ideas, so this is my general disclaimer to say… YEAH, RIGHT.

I imagine I’ll have a full 1920s pin-board set up on Pinterest by the weekend, so stop by to check out my other inspiration!


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