It’s a funny thing, this thing we call life.

You know that saying “We plan, God laughs”?

Yeah, well, that seems to be the story of my life lately.

I had these grand, amazing plans to go to Sri Lanka for my elective placement in November and then to SE Asia for a month-long tour to cap off my years of being a perpetual student traveler.

Well, chaos ensued and I ended up failing (yep, I said failing, don’t ask how) both fall module assessments. How I can go from acing a placement to failing a module is beyond me, but I’ve come to accept it and move forward. However, now this means that one of my summer placements will get pushed back–to January 2013. When the news first broke, I was less than excited about it. Coming back to Scotland from Sri Lanka for 5 more weeks? Yeah, right. My finances and my sanity could never handle that. So, I took charge of the situation. Something I’ve noticed is not that common here in the UK. After many meetings between myself and the administrators and among the administrators, a solution has been proposed.

My delayed placement can potentially be completed state-side with an RGU alum.

Yes, please.

Now up for debate is which summer placement I’ll be deferring. I’m scheduled to be in a pediatric department for the first of the two summer placements and I don’t officially have the second placement allocated yet. So, I’ve made a push to keep the first one and delay the second.

While it hasn’t been decided yet, this arrangement has a potential benefit. My summer holidays aren’t officially scheduled to begin until July 21st. This proved very unfortunate because I would have had to previously miss my pseudo-step-brother’s wedding the week before. However now, if my re-sit is complete by then, I can leave for home a week (or two) early and make it to the wedding. I never thought I’d actually be able to make it to his wedding, so I’m quite thrilled to possibly be able to participate in a family event. Because, honestly, it’s been frustrating to miss so many of them while I’ve been gone.

Doing a placement state-side has it’s benefits as well. While there’s no requirement to do a placement state-side, it will be nice to be able to officially say I’ve worked within the U.S. healthcare system as a physio an not just as an intern when I go applying for jobs. All the details of how the UK and US are different do not need to be discussed here.

In the end, or I guess, thus far, my plans haven’t all been thrown to the wind. I’m still going to Sri Lanka. I won’t be going to SE Asia immediately following, but I’m definitely not canceling it all together. I am still a perpetual student traveler and it will absolutely be difficult to relinquish that title.

But “Perpetual Traveling Worker Bee” does have a certain je ne sais quoi to it, don’t you think?


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