15 Minutes Inside My Head

It’s lunchtime on a Friday. I have the day off today. The one task I told myself I absolutely had to complete has been completed. Today is supposed to be my day to digest the week. It’s been a stressful one. Meeting after meeting after meeting to figure out my re-sits, group rep responsibilities, and planning an elderly exercise class. So, how is this digesting going? Not well. I’ve spent the morning on facebook, pinterest, itunes, google maps, and kayak. Basically, I’ve been doing the opposite of digesting. Because here’s how my brain works. It’s similar to telling a child not to reach in the cookie jar. Don’t think about it. So, I think about it. And I elaborate on everything I shouldn’t be thinking about.

On my mind today?

My placement deferral–I’ll head back to the US after Sri Lanka. I’ll do my placement wherever RGU sets me up. Then, instead of heading back to Asia, I’ll plan a shorter trip with a shorter flight. I’m thinking about the Dominican Republic. I’ll visit Ellen. We’ll go SCUBA diving, lay on the beach, play with her puppy. Yes, that sounds nice.

While my placement is deferred–I’ll finish the re-sit early so I can head back to MN early for summer holidays. I’ll go to P & A’s wedding. I’ll find a pretty dress at the beginning of July, when I am relieved from the constraints of my no shopping challenge. I think I’ll also go to Venice, Italy for a long weekend. I should find someone to go with me. This could be difficult considering all my classmates will be on placement, but maybe I can get a friend from outside of my course (yes, I do have those) to join me.

Where would I buy string?–I saw this idea for hanging pictures on Pinterest and then saw it in real life at Sarah and Brandon’s place. I have this big blank wall in my flat and I can’t justify buying some big piece of art to cover up this sad excuse for wallpaper when I’m only going to be here until November.

I should put together an online ASDA order. I’ve been way too lazy about buying groceries lately. Plus, my mother is going to be here in three weeks and I really don’t want her to think I actually live off hummus and pizza.

I should maybe make reservations for Glasgow and/or Edinburgh for my mom’s trip out here. Yeah, I should definitely do that.

SE Asia–I’ll postpone that trip until after a couple years at my entry-level physio job and before my next fancy physio job.

South America–I need to find someone who would go with me. And then I need to figure out when I would go. Long trip? Short trip? Eh, I’ll figure that out later.

Waiting for my course leader to confirm that my second summer placement will be deferred instead of my first summer placement.

I think there are some people in my class who don’t understand why I rarely take “no” for an answer. I think my pushiness also bothers some of them. I’m hyper-aware of social cues as of late because I’ve also been complaining about a certain person’s unawareness of social cues. I think I might be a bit paranoid.

I have an appointment with a doctor in a week to check out the possibilities for anti-anxiety medications. Really hoping that goes well and my allocated 10 minutes with the doctor isn’t a complete waste.

I miss Maddie. I wish Maddie was coming to visit with my mom.

Wow, I should really be doing work. No, actually, I should be digesting everything I’ve learned this week. Yes, I should actually be doing that.

I should just go read. I’m so close to being done with the second Outlander book. This has really been taking a while.

Oh, I wonder if I can book the yoga classes I bought on Groupon today…

So, does anybody else’s brain work like this?


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