Reflecting on 25 Things

I’ve been spending the day trying to rewrite the “About Me” section of my blog. I needed some inspiration. So, I went looking at other blogs to see how they did it. Then I found the “25 Things About Me” list I posted on Facebook back in January of 2009. It made me laugh because most of it is still true. But obviously, some things have changed.

So, let us reflect…

  1. I am naturally blonde, but get bored easily. Still true. Still very true.
  2. I can’t live in one place for very long, never mind go to one school for very long. Yep, this one is definitely still true. Hence why I’m in Scotland.
  3. I was one of the original facebookers back when only 12 universities were online.
  4. I have recently been on a reading kick so my imagination has been boosted since last fall. I’m still enjoying reading, but with all the school work piling up lately, it’s been difficult to keep a good pace.
  5. I’m currently procrastinating. Whether I’m procrastinating doing my homework or going out to the Shout House for 80’s night is another question. Haha, yep, still procrastinating.
  6. I’m very independent, but love having Maddie to depend on me. Abso-freaking-lutely.
  7. I’ve decided that Maddie is, in fact, a purebred dog. She is pure bred Booze Hound. Maddie is still a lush. Even at 4 years old.
  8. I can’t wait to start a new chapter in my life this fall. I still haven’t decided it’s title, but it’s going to start. That was an interesting chapter. I think I should have been more excited to be living in the chapter I was in, than trying to read ahead to the next. I need to be reminded of that perspective even now.
  9. This really isn’t as random as it should be because I’ve deleted 2 items I decided were unfit already.
  10. I’ve stood in the engine of a DC-10 (it’s a really big commercial plane).
  11. I still haven’t decided if the Bible is a fairy tale. I’m working on it. As soon as I finish all the books I have lined up currently, I will read it and make a final decision. Yeah, I doubt I’ll actually end up ever reading the Bible.
  12. I’m taking 21 credits of classes this semester, but only count 16 of them as real. New school. Just as much work.
  13. I believe I have the best Greek family in the whole wide world. Love to my Big and Littles! Yay for family outings in Dinkytown! Definitely still believe this. I just wish we all lived closer to each other.
  14. I’m not entirely sure why I agreed to do this random facts note, but I think it has something to do with #5.
  15. I hold very high standards for myself and the people in my life. Even though this bites me in the ass every now and then, it’s still true.
  16. I set 11 personal goals (NOT resolutions) after New Years and have been working very hard to accomplish them. I can’t remember what they were…
  17. You should ask me what goal #8 is. It’s a really good one. Apparently not good enough to remember…
  18. I have been in love 3 times and never regret it. No comment.
  19. I got my SCUBA license at age 12.
  20. I went skydiving at age 18 with my cousin the morning after I failed my first college final (in Calculus).
  21. I love to be in love and I love to grow from heartbreak—it’s the best revenge! Haha, I’m not as keen about being in love as I once was, but I do still like it. And I also still believe that growing from heartbreak is the best revenge.
  22. I live in a fraternity house. Yes, with a bunch of boys. Yes, it is sometimes smelly, dirty, and loud. I wouldn’t have it any other way! I don’t live in the frat house anymore, but I miss it sometimes, and I always look back on it with a big smile and sometimes uncontrollable laughter.
  23. My boss once asked me if I would want to go on a date with Joe Mauer. I said “Yes Please!” Too bad he’s engaged now.
  24. I plan on adopting a new dog in the next year, but am waiting for Maddie to pick the right one. She seems to be against the idea of an actual puppy, so I think I’ll have to adopt a Senior dog which is something I’ve always wanted to do. I didn’t end up getting another dog, but I still think about it all the time. I imagine that once I get a job after school, Maddie and I will be on the lookout for another family member.
  25. I’ve never wished to win the lottery because I already have. I won $200 in pull-tabs in the fall of 2009. It wasn’t enough to do all the things I would do with a winning lottery ticket. I want to travel more!!!!!

Did you ever write one of these out? What’s changed for you?

Check the “About Me” section for an updated 25 Things.

2 thoughts on “Reflecting on 25 Things

  1. After I read your post I remembered: Several weeks ago, I found a list (I won’t say of what) that I’d written probably 10 -15 years ago. Not only was the list L-O-N-G, but what was very, very telling: I must have really known myself because that list is as true today as it was then. In a way, “good for me”, but in a way, “hmmm…scary?”

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