Knot My Day

Today was not my day for yoga. But I went. And I stayed on my mat. I was tormented by the unappeasable knot in my neck/shoulder, but I stayed on my mat. I took it easy. No full cobra for this girl. Today was a baby cobra day. In fact, the only pose today that seemed to calm me was bridge. Which I didn’t expect. I was actually dreading it because of the wide-reaching fingers of this darn knot. But bridge was what I needed on my mat today. Bridge made me forget about the fact that I just could not seem to rise at the “right” moment from any of my sun salutations, the fact that my yoga tops just don’t seem to be working for me at the moment, or the fact that I really wanted to facilitate a more sleek downward dog for the one guy in the class today.

Did I find my “Ohm My Zen” moment today? Nope, definitely not. In fact, I felt farther away from it today than I did last week. But I focused on my breathing and I focused on the changes I needed to make to stay on my mat.

Coming from a competitive background, it’s hard for me to always focus on my practice, my body, my needs. And, to be honest, it’s taken a long time to get to the stage where I’m not actively comparing my practice to someone else’s for a majority of the time I’m on my mat. But today, when I felt at my worst, I relished in the fact that I didn’t notice a single other person’s practice. Except for  that one guy whose downward dog looked more like half a heart than an upside-down “V”, but I just wanted to help. I wasn’t comparing, I promise.

Things I noticed about my practice today? My seated forward fold goes much deeper than my standing forward fold. I’m more comfortable–as a whole person–in shoulder stand than I am in savasana. In downward dog, my pinky fingers grip the mat like it’s the absolute last piece of my body keeping me on that mat.

I don’t feel like I get much exercise out of this particular class, although that’s not to say I wasn’t sore last week, but I do get practice, and that’s helped me gradually start to notice things about my practice that I don’t think I would have picked up on in the middle of a session at Core Power. So, for that, I am thankful. It’s only been two weeks out of my six, but I’m confident these classes are a good £15 investment.

… And so was the 95p pack of chocolate-covered raisins I bought on the walk home. Utter. Gold.


5 thoughts on “Knot My Day

  1. We hope that knot won’t slow you down for too long. It sounds like you’re really into your practice. We wish you a speedy recovery and may tomorrow be the day you reach your “Ohm Zen Moment”.

  2. Keep going, Kaitlin. Like I’d said before, I’m going to continue to stick with the yoga — giving it and giving myself a chance. It is a practice that takes time…and I’m not good with “patience” so it is a struggle. My next class…next Wednesday. BTW, I’m also dealing with knots in my neck, shoulders and upper back — no fun.

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