For Bob

On Thursday, the world lost an amazing man to a long and hard battle with cancer. If you knew him, you’ll miss him. If you didn’t know him, you’ll probably still miss him through the stories told about him.


Dear Bob, There has never been, nor will there ever be another like you. Thank you for everything you’ve shared with me over the years. I’ll never forget your sage advice and crazy antics. You left this world a better and more lively place and I hope you find peace and rest on the other side. I love you. I miss you. With love, One of your many Queens, Kaitlin.


“Death was afraid of him because he had the heart of a lion.”
~Arabic Proverb

“If tears could build a staircase and memories a lane, I’d walk all the way to Heaven and bring you back again.”

Impressions of a Pilot

Flight is freedom in its purest form,
To dance with the clouds which follow a storm;
To roll and glide, to wheel and spin,
To feel the joy that swells within;
To leave the earth with its troubles and fly,
And know the warmth of a clear spring sky;
Then back to earth at the end of a day,
Released from the tensions which melted away.
Should my end come while I am in flight,
Whether brightest day or darkest night;
Spare me your pity and shrug off the pain,
Secure in the knowledge that I’d do it again;
For each of us is created to die,
And within me I know,
I was born to fly.

-Gary Claud Stokor

Caring Bridge

Star Tribune Obituary


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