Media Monday, and other news


1) I promise I haven’t forgotten about blogging altogether. I had a super-serious grown-up paper to write last week and then my mama came to town for a visit.

2) I completed another item on my 26 by 26 list today and I’m excited to write about it later this week.

And, now… Media Monday!

Here’s something you should know about me: I was recently introduced to the wonder that is “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. Especially when Craig, a Scotsman, interviews another Scotsman, and also when he interviews Kristen Bell. Are they related? No. But it’s awesome.

So here’s a clip to introduce you to my love of Craig Ferguson.


2 thoughts on “Media Monday, and other news

  1. hope you and your mama are having an awesome time! (despite the rotten weather)
    I also hope it’s nice on wednesday so that maybe I can accompany you guys to Stonehaven and get a deep fried mars bar…

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