My mother was in town last week, but that didn’t stop me from going to yoga. Especially after my Zenny Fun, I wasn’t about to skip a week.

But, boy, I should have.

Last week felt like an epic fail. We weren’t even 15 minutes in when I was completing my high-to-low push-up and my left elbow pitched a fit. Flow: Gone. Breath: Gone. Peaceful Face: Definitely Gone.

I’ve felt this pain in my right elbow before, but it wasn’t nearly this acute. I was immediately ready to send out the Team Physio Bat Signal. Luckily, Brandon (from Exercise Basics) answered my call, but my commitments to my mother kept me from getting an acute assessment. So we just talked through it and came to the conclusion that I managed to get a good strain in my tricep muscle (in lay terms, I pulled a muscle in the back of my arm… with lots of force).

Anyway, back to yoga… if it’s possible.

I tried to keep with the flow, but I ended up just making my own version of a sun salutation to accommodate my stupid elbow. Yeah, it feels weird to be doing something different from the rest of the class, but I must remember to stay on MY mat. And that’s what I always have to remember, it’s okay to listen to your body over the teacher. Sometimes they won’t say the same thing, and you just have to honor YOUR practice and forget about the fully-functioning hot blonde surfer guy on the mat three feet away from you.

Reflecting on my last few weeks of yoga, I’d say I’m the Queen of “Off Days,” but if life was easy there wouldn’t be any stories to tell. So, I’m choosing to look on the bright side and continue with my practice for the remaining two weeks with The Redeemer of The Groupon.


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