4. Visit Balmoral Castle

That’s another *tick* for the 26 by 26 list!

While my mom was in town for a visit we got the chance to head out into the Cairngorms to visit Balmoral Castle, otherwise known as the Queen’s summer home.

During the drive out of town I wondered why someone would spend their summer out in the “mountains” away from any major civilization and nowhere near a lake. Then, I thought, the Queen, of course. Can’t have just anyone pulling up to your dock for a cocktail!

Anyway, even though it is way outside of town, it’s incredibly beautiful. I can only imagine what it would be like in the middle of summer when the landscape is greener and more of the flowers are in bloom.

Unfortunately, as a tourist, you don’t get to see much of the inside of the house since the castle is still used as a private residence for the Royal Family. Another unfortunate, was that we weren’t allowed to take any photos inside the state room where the Diamond Jubilee Diamond-Themed Dress Exhibit was on display. Then again, I suppose the camera flash would have over-reflected off the sparkly dresses anyway. Still…. it was kind of a bummer.

BUT, I managed to get my official Diamond Jubilee souvenirs at the gift shop, so I’ll have those to show off when I settle in back in the states. I bought pill box (which will probably be used to hold rings) and a RoyalTea mug (which I’ve used non-stop since our return from Balmoral.


2 thoughts on “4. Visit Balmoral Castle

  1. When my mother and I went to Scotland, we only went to Edinburgh — and only for a day. Alas, we never made it to Balmoral. We would have needed a lot more time. I’m like you, every time I end up in one of those Royal gifts shops, I’m buying stuff… Hmmm…I think I have tea towels somewhere…

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