Substitutions in the No Shopping Challenge

Back in February, I challenged myself to buy no more than three items of clothing until July 1st.

Item #1: Tank from Warehouse

Since I didn’t buy anything from French Connection while I was in Inverness, I made my first substitution…

Item #2 / Substitution #1: Dress from Zara

I was planning to finish out my challenge with the green trench below, assuming it would go on sale sometime this summer. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t look likely it will go on sale anytime soon.

Karen Millen £210

So, it was time to think…

On Friday, I went for a wander around the mall before picking up Nikki from the bus station and I found myself exploring the racks at Zara. Here’s what you should know about my relationship with Zara. Some days, I can visit Zara and confidently walk out without a single item in hand. Others, it’s hard to leave without a goody bag full of clothes. Anyway, before she arrived, I spotted a pair of pants I wanted to try on. So, after she arrived and we had a cup of tea, we went back to the shop and had a nosey.

And here’s what happened…

The pants fit. And so did a bunch of other stuff.

So, Nikki and I put our critical reasoning skills to use. Good or bad use is still up for debate.

If I bought the items I wanted all at once–in one transaction–that would equal half the price of the trench, instead of actually buying the trench, I could count them all as Item #3, and not Items # 3-7.

And that is exactly how I went forward thinking.

Alas, here are the fruits of oddball reasoning skills…

Zara Green Blouse with Gold Buttons

Zara Medium Faded Denim Shirt

Zara Jersey Blazer, I got it in Teal

Zara Striped Cropped Trousers

Zara Pink Dyed Trousers with Zips

I’m quite happy with my purchases, despite my semi-shady reasoning… But hopefully, these were the big burst of fresh air my wardrobe needed to last the next two months.

Can’t wait to share pictures of them all in action!


5 thoughts on “Substitutions in the No Shopping Challenge

  1. You are a riot! Item #3…not Item #3 – 7 — that’s some slick reasoning right there! Love it! Zara. You know how I feel about that store. After they opened the New York flagship conviently located near my office, I went in there twice for the first time in one day and walked out with 7 or 8 items, including the “Kiss of Death that no sensible grown woman should be purchasing”: Skinny Jeans. I’m just hoping my acupuncture works with curbing my appetite so that I can put the darned thing on without breaking out into cold, clammy sweats and passing out with it at my knees. It’s still hanging in my closet. And no, I’m not returning them, just like I know you’re not returning any of your purchases. I have two new pairs of platforms ready to be worn with The Jeans — and I’m not returning those either. Gotta admit, I do still love the trench. I’m not a color girl; I wear the New York City Uniform: black, black and more black, and every once in a while, grey, brown and white. I can totally see you rocking the green trench. Yes. Well, you’ll have to wait for that. I have a feeling the trench will be Items 4 – 7. Once you buy that, that’s it — no *mas*.

    • Oh, I’m definitely still in love with the trench. So, if it does end up going on sale, I can see justifying it as some sort of early birthday present… Hmmm… I’ve always done blue jeans and a white t-shirt as my go-to outfit, but after all this time in the Greyest City in the World, I can’t help but gravitate toward bright colors.

      I loved your post on The Jeans! I’ve definitely gone into the same store twice in one day. Whoops. Can’t wait to hear about your Skinny Jean & Platform adventures!

    • Funny you mention that because I got about 10 compliments on it when I wore it today. I think that definitely counts as a success!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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