Torchers Parade

Imagine my surprise on Saturday when I woke up from a late afternoon nap to a bunch of people gathered under my bedroom window. I went to the living room window to get a better view and found the roads blocked off and people gathering all up and down my street. Ever the curious and mischievous Kaitlin, I walked downstairs and asked the first person I saw not in a large group what in the world was going on. It’s the Torchers Parade… With all the students. After further googling, I discovered it’s the largest torch-lit, student-run parade in Europe.

Now, occasionally I complain about living on the main street in Aberdeen because I have the opportunity to memorize the DJ’s playlist for the club across the street, but this was no occasion to complain. While the rest of the city was bundled up, standing around restlessly, with their hands wrapped around travel coffee mugs, I was sitting comfortably on my window sill in my sweats with a fresh cup of tea in hand. I opened the window to allow some fresh air in and to hold my camera out of for photos.

It was some of the best parade watching I’ve ever done. Although it wasn’t the most impressive parade I’ve ever seen… Let’s not forget I’ve been a witness to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Anyway, here are some snapshots from the comfort of my window sill.

What I woke up to.

The Torchers

The Pipers

The Groupies

The... Floats?

The Caboose

Clean Up Crew


One thought on “Torchers Parade

  1. The Torchers Parade looks so small…sooooo small….and this is the largest student-run parade in Europe? Well, I guess it’s not about the size but the happiness it brings. Now on to something else…I do love my men in their kilts (what’s going on underneath those things?)…

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