Houston, We Are Scheduled for Lift Off

Well, today has been an exciting day! I mean, relative to the last month or so, it has.

My friend, Nikki, is back from placement so we had lunch today from a sandwich shop around the corner from my place. I hadn’t been there before and when I was greeted by all the choices and delicious looking meat selections, my jaw dropped to the floor. And it’s cheap! Bonus. I had a sweet chili crawfish baguette. Crawfish in Aberdeen! Who would have thought?

Also, I dropped off a package for my niece at the post office. Since, I’m fairly certain Steph will read this post in the near future, I can’t say what’s in it, but man am I excited to get some pictures after Miss Mariella opens it.

And let’s not forget about the best part of my day today…

I booked my flights to Sri Lanka!

This is exciting for a couple reasons. 1) I’m going to Sri Lanka! 2) I’m leaving Aberdeen!

So, on November 9th, I will be leaving the UK for good. Or at least until I travel to Europe again. Let’s face it, Nikki would kick my ass if I never came back.

Anyway, having those flights booked throws the list-maker in me into overdrive. All the preparations to get through… All the school to get through… All the packing to do… Good God, the next 6 months are going to be a bit hectic. Okay, that might have been an understatement. They’re going to be a lot hectic.

I also have to mentally prepare myself for the trip home from Sri Lanka to Minneapolis. Because that’s basically half way around the world. Or about 8800 miles, according to the direct line on Google Maps. However, let’s not forget that when you travel by air… it’s not quite as simple as a direct line. On the way home, I leave from Colombo and fly to Paris, then Paris to New York, and finally New York to Minneapolis. The trip begins at 2:10am, December 23rd in Sri Lanka (2:40pm on December 22nd in Minneapolis) and ends at 9:30pm on December 23rd in Minneapolis (9:00am, December 24th in Sri Lanka). Oh, and yes, Sri Lanka has its own half time-zone, so it is 11.5 hours ahead of Central Time.

I think my wish for Christmas this year will be for a sleep mask, blackout curtains, peace and quiet, and for someone to let Maddie out for bathroom breaks as needed. Is that too much to ask? I hope not.

Wow, just looking at the map I’m excited!


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