One Tiny Complaint

Okay, I try to refrain from complaining too much on my blog. However, I figured I would bring up an interesting phenomenon that has been annoying me as of late.

Background Info: I live where the blue pin is.

So, as you can see, I live right in the heart of Aberdeen. I love where I live. Do I occasionally complain about the one squeaky board in my flat and the carpet in the bathroom? Yes. But other than that, I love my flat.

This week, it has been really nice out. So, naturally, I have all the windows open in my flat for fresh air. I love fresh air. Fresh air fixes all problems.

Here’s something you may not know about ambulances in the UK. Urgent jaunts across town do not automatically mean the sirens come on. The drivers only turn the sirens on if they are trying to get past or through traffic. So, the sirens come on at intersections–particularly busy intersections…

…Like mine.

My complaint: Because the sirens are not always on, I can’t gradually here the sirens coming and prepare myself for when they pass by my window. So, as my windows are all wide open, the volume is not dampened in the slightest and the ambulances sneak up to my window without a peep and then turn on the sirens at full blast when they are mere meters away from my little ears and easily-startled soul.

So basically, these past couple days, I’ve leapt out of my skin quite regularly. Because, also, apparently, the residents of Aberdeen need more medical attention when the sun is out.

Silly Aberdonians…


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