Pre-Vacay Post, Kind Of

All right, yes, I missed Media Monday this week. I suppose I figured you’d still be watching the ridiculously long video I posted on Saturday and not notice. Yep. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

At the moment, I’m sitting in Edinburgh airport attempting to wage a battle against writer’s block. Tomorrow morning, at what may actually be the butt crack of dawn, I’m getting on a flight to Alicante, Spain. I am beyond excited for a week and a half of sunshine, summertime, rest and relaxation.

This past weekend has been all about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee here in the UK. Although, admittedly, Scotland is not nearly as enthusiastic as the rest of the country… Or world, for that matter. I was watching the BBC coverage of the river pageant and they sent a correspondent up to Edinburgh to cover “The Big Lunch” which, when you watch the footage, really just ends up looking like an average Saturday in Edinburgh, but with sandwiches.

Oh, well. That’s Scotland for ya.

It was my goal before I left town to have finished weeding through all 3500 of my search results for my research paper. But, I lost steam on the home stretch, and I’ll have one section of the last database left to go through when I get back to Aberdeen. Fortunately, I’m farther than even some of my classmates who didn’t re-sit the assessment. So, I’m not particularly fussed about it.

So, a friend of mine brought my attention to a song over the weekend that I thought I would share with you. “Too Close” by Alex Clare. Not only is the song pretty cool, but the whole album is good and really fun to listen to. In fact, it’s all I’ve been listening to since I left Aberdeen. There are particular lyrics that, based on what I can decipher, say “words are clever, hands are better, so let’s put them together.” Love that.

I’ve gotten another friend hooked on 50 Shades of Grey and, together, we discovered something that is almost guaranteed to make even the most stoic of readers laugh. For those of you reading on a Kindle or eReader, once you get a few chapters into the book, turn the text-to-speech feature on during the “naughty” scenes. Absolutely hilarious.

And on that note, I’m on vacation, so this is my general disclaimer that posts will be few and far between until my return.


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