Walking Woes

I’m traditionally a good walker when I travel. I have a pair of flip flops and ballets flats that have traveled the world with me and never done me wrong. Given the current location of my travels, I didn’t bring the ballet flats and instead brought a pair of (new) dressy sandals.

On Thursday, I wore these sandals out and around town. Now, I don’t know for sure if my feet were ready to give up on me before that, or if it truly was those sandals, but that day I came home with blisters on the bottom of both feet. Since then, I’ve switched back to my reliable flip flops.

… Except they’re not so reliable anymore.

Since the deflation of the original blisters from continuing to walk on them, new ones have sprouted up. And without delving into their features too much, let me just say that one has expanded to include the skin between my ring and pinkie toes on one foot. Gross. (TMI? Whoops.) And that is super annoying.

I was going to try to make it out to a bar tonight to watch the Spain and Italy football game, but I really want to give my feet a break. Fortunately, there is a TV in my hostel, which seems to be permanently tuned into sports.

I’ve also realized that walking around makes me forget to reapply sunscreen, so I have some newly acquired pink at the base of the back of my neck and the tops of my shoulders.

I’m definitely happy to be on holiday and getting some of the sun I’ve missed from living in Aberdeen, but I’m not sure my body can handle much more of this. Hopefully the next week shapes up a bit better, and I find a new pair of shoes to wear around Spain.


One thought on “Walking Woes

  1. Your blisters story complete with flip flops and sandals reminds me of a holiday I took with a friend years ago. We were in Barcelona and she proceeded to wear sandals with heels all over the city. We walked everywhere. Needless to say when we returned to our hotel, the blisters were so big we needed a towel to catch the flow after popping them all (TMI? Yep…) Yuck! Finally, she had no choice but to wear flip flops for the remainder of the holiday.

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