Plea to the Fashion Gods


I am a 25-year-old graduate student due to begin interviewing for physical therapy jobs in January. Unlike people in some other fields, I’m optimistic about my chances of finding a job. What I’m not feeling so sure of is how to dress once I land the coveted big-girl job (although, to be fair, I wouldn’t mind some pointers for interview attire as well).

As a physical therapist, I will have to be on my feet for most of the day and bending, twisting and leveraging my body into positions that a woman with an office job may only encounter when toppling over her heels on a bad day.

Let me put it this way: I need to wear pants, flats or very low-heeled shoes (wedges are best), tops that will cover my midsection even when I lift my arms and not show off my cleavage or undergarments when I bend over, and I need to be able to move.

Traditionally, physical therapy clinics don’t require power suits, but they aren’t casual either. Previously, when I worked in clinics as an intern I fell into a rut of wearing khakis and simple collared shirts (usually polo shirts) with basic black ballet flats. That was fine when I was 21 and an intern, but now I need to build a new wardrobe.

My goal is to find pieces that are versatile and can be transitioned from my work life to my personal life. I want to look professional, but not intimidating; colorful, but not garish; and, ultimately, polished but still my age.

At the moment, my personal style is low-maintenance, colorful and playful, with a general preference toward comfort and practicality, but an eye to wear things that do, in fact, flatter my body type (an odd combination of curvy and boyish). Although, I won’t say I have superior insight into all the right fashions for my body, and I can’t always recognize them as they hang on the rack.

So, this is my plea for pointers, inspiration, and help to bring my wardrobe into the same arena as my big-girl job and my big-girl life.

Yours truly,


P.S. Anybody think this letter would get me anywhere with “What Not To Wear” or something similar?

One thought on “Plea to the Fashion Gods

  1. Try it. (“What Not to Wear”.) Not being a fashion god, I haven’t the faintest as how to advise you. The fact that the only really big-girl job I ever worked lasted all of 6 months isn’t overly helpful either, probably.

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