The Epiphany of the 25th Year

This spring, I sprung a new leaf.

…Sorry, I just really wanted to use that metaphor…

Shortly after I realized I needed to detox my life back in April, I came to an epiphany. I like to call it “The Epiphany of the 25th year.”

What is this epiphany, you may ask? Well, I’ll get there. I’ll start with a bit of background.

Facebook is a great way to keep tabs on old boyfriends and flings. It’s a great way to keep that “maybe someday…” idea alive. Lots of us, myself included, keep information and communication channels open with exes just in case. Just in case something goes topsy turvy. Just in case I’m bored. Just in case I can’t find anything better. The list goes on. Without facebook, we would still find a way to do it.

But here’s the thing… It’s one of the stupidest ideas ever!

The Epiphany of the 25th Year: They are exes for a reason. They were only flings for a reason. Things didn’t work out FOR A REASON. There is absolutely no sense in keeping a dead relationship on life support. We should just sign the organ donor (lessons learned) form and move on. I’ll be the first to admit that pulling the plug is difficult, but it’s worth it in the end. From my perspective, it saves your future relationships from the interference of older relationships which is invaluable down the line. I will concede that some past relationships produce great friends and I don’t mean to discount that at all.  I would just like to encourage everyone, myself included, to assess if those individuals are still in your life because they are your friends or if they are in your life because they are place savers.

Sorry for all the metaphors. I was just in one of those writing moods today…


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