Updates Galore

First off, please observe the photographic definition of “Wet Rat.”

Second off, please have sympathy for what the last week of my life has looked like.

So, when I say I have updates, I don’t mean I have updates purely from this week. I mean I have general life updates.  For example, the 26 by 26, the No Shopping Challenge, Fictional Friday, and other general changes and observations. Normally, I would space them out to create almost a week’s worth of posts for this wonderful blog. But, as I am in the middle of placement and therefore my creative writing skills are at a temporary low, that will not be the case today.

Let’s start from the beginning. One of the first series I introduced to this beloved blog was the “26 by 26.” I did it in response to an old friend’s “25 by 25” and as a way to make myself accountable. Well, it sort of worked. But just sort of.

If it’s crossed off, it’s not happening. If it’s in bold, it’s complete. If it’s in italics, it means it’s ongoing or there’s still hope.

  1. Complete a round of P90X in all its fitness and nutritional glory.
  2. Bake cookies without the help of my mother’s KitchenAid Stand Mixer.
  3. Visit Dunnotar Castle in Stonehaven.
  4. Visit Balmoral Castle.
  5. Visit the Isle of Skye.
  6. Seriously clean out my closet, dresser and under-bed storage to ease the pain of future moves.
  7. Find and purchase a large, black leather purse. This one is currently the front runner.
  8. Find and purchase flat, black leather, fall boots.
  9. Prepare for the US Physical Therapy Board Exams.
  10. Plan for a post-course travel adventure to Southeast Asia.
  11. Cultivate friendships with my classmates.
  12. Complete another trip/activity from Lonely Planet’s A Year of Adventures.
  13. Visit my little and her little bitty.
  14. Pack a lunch at least three days per week.
  15. Learn to ski.
  16. Learn how to cook duck and lamb.
  17. Use my French whenever possible.
  18. Do more research and ask more professionals about a certain potential “Christmas gift.” (This one is vague, I know, but even if I’m not ready to divulge it to the world yet, I still want to be held accountable for it.)
  19. Take an evening art class at Gray’s School of Art ~or~ a French language practice course (Location TBD).
  20. Make over my room at my dad’s house.
  21. Find a way to volunteer with the Scottish SPCA.
  22. Look into getting a job in Scotland in 2012.
  23. Visit a whisky distillery in Speyside.
  24. Figure out and go forth with a new, updated hairstyle.
  25. Look into and make contacts for job opportunities following the completion of my course.
  26. Just keep blogging. Just keep blogging. (Insert Dory’s voice here.)

Then there’s the “No Shopping Challenge” that I introduced back in February. I think I’ll give my self a “D” on that matter. Because I didn’t fail epically, but I didn’t stick to all the rules either. Some of you will remember the discussion about Item #3 (through 7, but really just #3). While today was my cut off for no shopping, I will admit that I did make a couple purchases prior to my trip to Spain and then again last weekend. Did they break the bank? No. But nonetheless… Someday I’ll wrangle my photographer friends and get them to take photos of me in all my rule-breaking clothes to prove that not all was lost and I earned my “D” grade. Thank goodness today is July 1st, because I went out for  a walk and fell victim to Warehouse’s end of season sale. Whoops.

As for Fictional Friday, don’t worry if you can’t remember reading much about it, because I haven’t published any part  of it on the blog yet. I’ve been trying to get enough to satisfy my goal of having six solid weeks of posts established so I can have some leeway when it comes time to continue the story. I have about 45,000 words/22 pages in a Word document, but it’s mostly bits and pieces that don’t all flow together yet. I’m at a stage where I know the beginning and the end, but I need a hook and a climax. You know, the “meat” of a story. I have some ideas, but I’m not quite sure how they should play out yet. So, for now, my story remains under wraps.

Lately, I’ve been living down in Dundee during the week for my pediatric placement. While the internet is more readily available than it was in Inverness, it’s still hard-pressed to fall under the “civilized” category of living. At the beginning of June the hospital turned off all the heat in the residence areas for the summer. Unfortunately, the hospital is in Scotland, so the idea that the summer sun would warm everything up was far-fetched. Last weekend I brought down an extra blanket, fuzzy socks and my CuddlDuds to keep me warm at night. But I’ve been enjoying my placement and the hospital itself hasn’t managed to even turn down the heat since winter, so I stay warm and educated most of the day. I fell behind on some of my research when I was preparing for placement, so that’s what I’ve been trying to settle the last couple weeks. But, man, is it boring to read abstract after abstract and realize it will not help my case when it comes to writing a 6,000 word systematic review article this fall.

Something interesting has happened in the last couple weeks, though: I’ve started to feel old. I should have known it was coming, but it hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized one of my teeny-bopper patients wasn’t even conceived yet when the Spice Girls burst onto the scene. And then, with the EuroCup on, I started noticing that most of the starting players are younger than I am.  And don’t even get me started on the average age of current pop stars… Here’s the thing, I have no problem with being 25. I like it. It’s a good age and I think I’m in a good spot, but damn it’s discouraging when I realize I’m still in grad school and there are teenagers and, dare I say it, individuals in their, ahem, early-twenties, who make more money in a year than I could even dream of spending in a lifetime. I told my mom about my realization last week and she told me to quit worrying and “most of the world’s population is over 25”. Okay, fair enough, but I think everyone has a spell where they wonder “What the hell have I been doing with my life these last few years???” It just so happens that, that spell is happening right now for me.

But, there is a bright side to everything…

In 23 days Nikki and I will wave our “Casco Point or Bust!” signs and head Stateside for our summer holiday.  We’ve also got a girls’ weekend in Chicago planned where we’ll be meeting up with some of my friends from around the country for a scintillatingly awesome and touristy time. I can’t wait!!!


One thought on “Updates Galore

  1. I can’t remember 25. H*ll, I can’t even remember 26. What I am saying, sometimes I can’t remember. Chica, just enjoy life now. I’m not advocating recklessness, but just live — because as you get older and your life changes and your responsibilities change, you’ll back every once in a while and say, “Wow, I did all that!” (That’s if you can remember…). What you’re doing now with school is important, you’re overwhelmed, tired (and cold — no heat?! Are they crazy? Those Scots — gotta luv them), and you’re laying the foundation for the rest of your life. You do your thing, girl! Keep on your path, get it done. This too shall pass. It will, and when it does, you’ll be so happy and proud.

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