All’s Well on the Home Front

Hi Guys!

Mom’s surgery went well today and she’s relaxing and recuperating in hospital. They took a cluster of 3 lymph nodes and the path reports came back clear for cancer. She’s relatively pain free and only really complaining of thirst. When I asked her what she wanted to drink with dinner, she said “Chardonnay”, so I ordered milk.

Thanks for all the love and good energy! She’ll likely be coming home tomorrow and I’ll be on call with the cooking, cleaning and caretaking.

I’ll set up a CaringBridge site tomorrow so this updating thing gets a bit easier and more central. 🙂



UPDATE: Mom’s CaringBridge Site is

4 thoughts on “All’s Well on the Home Front

  1. Somehow I missed posts leading up to this. What kind of cancer did she have? I had breast, 4 years ago, and have been free and clear ever since. I hope and pray the same for your mom.

  2. I had no idea, but I’m very pleased to learn that her surgery was successful and she’s recuperating well. No wonder…you’ve had a lot on your mind, and now, you’re so far away. But, she knows you’re only a phone call away and hopefully she’ll continue to get better and stronger every day.

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