Anxious (Lack of) Sleep

I think I change the look of my blog more often than I change the color of my hair. But do you ever have those moments where you’re just looking for a reset button? I have been craving a reset button for the last few days. Returning to Scotland and the student life was actually a welcome change after my busy and hectic summer holidays back home. But, it would seem that some anxiety has come with my return to the final lap of the race.

I can’t sleep.

At first, I thought it was jet lag. I’ve always had a harder time traveling east than I have west, but this is lasting longer than my normal transitions. And it’s not like I’m not tired when I lay down for bed. I am! I promise. I even gave up on my naps to make sure I would be tired at bedtime. But, I lay down, go through my normal ritual and then I just lay there… tossing… turning… tuned in to every noise outside my window… tuned in to every noise inside my building… and that’s with my normal white noise coming from my trusty computer.

I don’t actually know where the anxiety is coming from. I was so stressed about going and being home that, for the first time, I was happy to return to Aberdeen. (Whoa. I know.) So, for lack of a better phrase, WTF?

Yesterday, I tried to completely distract myself from my life by reading a new book… which I also finished yesterday. (Win!) But alas, I was not successful.

If I had any inkling as to what is truly getting to me, I would attempt to confront it, but until then, I’m left to ponder the topic of anxiety that has yet to present itself to me. Joy.

Any tips out there?


One thought on “Anxious (Lack of) Sleep

  1. Wish I could give you some tips for relief…although if you were in the islands, there’d be some “bush tea” of sorts that one of the old folks would claim could not only cure your insomnia but also give you clear skin and ward off evil spirts. *serious face* Of course, when all else fails, a healthy dose of Appleton Estate Jamaica (mega proof white) Rum would knock you out, but waking up would prove difficult.

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